'What if our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.' 

For several weeks I researched the trend 'Body Neutrality', a trend that wants to reduce the value of 'beauty' in society. I made a trendforecast for the year 2023. For the presentation of the forecast I illustrated & made a set of affirmation cards, which help spread the message of Body Neutrality. The cards remind you and help you to create more inner awareness & self-love. 

Body neutrality affirmation cards

Research & Trendforecast 2023

Flourish in the Flow

Based on my research, I created a 'Body Neutral' Swimwear brand: Flourish in the flow. 

For the swimwear collection I created 'hydrochromic' dessins, that change when they get in contact with water.

Brand Identity

Moodboard & Target Audience

Summer collection 2021

Colors & Silhouette


Interior Store & Spa experience


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