‘Quiet people have the loudest minds.'

Play cafe
solitude cafe

For a school project, we got the assignment to create two cafe interior concepts. The two concepts had to be opposites of each other. I created two concepts, one is for extroverts and the other is for introverts. The cafe's are based on the interior trends from Heimtextil 2020. Solitude cafe (for introverts) fits the 'Pure Spiritual' trend. Play cafe (for extroverts) fits the 'Active Urban' trend. 

Materials solitude cafe

Solitude Cafe is created for the introverts in our society. In the western society we live with an 'extrovert ideal', most places & cafes are designed for extroverts. One third of people is an introvert, these people can't fully recharge in the existing cafes, that is why Solitude cafe is created. It is a place for introverts to recharge, so they can live in their full potential.

Key words: Minimalism, Solitude, Spirituality, Organic, Silence, Rest, Looking inside, Harmony, Pure, Natural, Light

Concept Book


Materials play cafe

Play cafe is the place where the fun stuff happens, it is a place where extroverts can live in their full potential. It's a place to connect over games, activities & movement. It's all about fun, experimenting, playing games and enjoying time together. 

Key words: Playful, Games, Connection, Movement, Activities, Experiment, Active, Pastel & Colorful, Live in the moment, Socializing

Concept Book