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‘Design is not about the way it looks, but it is our way to tell you a story’

Sasha Lara is a clothing brand with the mission to empower women through the suits they create, with 50% of their profits they support local businesses & projects in Nepal. Sasha Lara wants to design suits, that not only empower the women who wear it, but also help the Nepalese communities. The fabric of the suits is made from a sustainable material and the suits will be made to your own measurements. Color/print & fitting advice is also available.

mission of the brand:
To address unmet social needs in third world countries by designing, making and selling sustainable, hand-made women suits. And in this way giving more to communities in need. Key words are: sustainable clothing, transparency of the process, no waste, break through fast fashion, create work in Nepal, support social projects.

Branding Photography 2022

I created a concept for the new summer collection of 2021, including five meaningful prints for the fabric of the suits. The prints are inspired by the Nepalese culture. I also made illustrations for the website / the product presentation. The process includes: brainstorming, concept creation, moodboards, sketches, final print design.

End product suits (more photos coming soon..)

Sasha Lara
Sasha Lara
Rise again
Healing hand

Prints for the spring collection 2022

Sasha Lara Collection summer 2021

Forget me nots.                       Rhodondendron.                         Rise again.                         Blue Lotus.                        Himalaya. 

Fashion illustrations for the Sasha, Lara & Maja suit + sketches / the process.

Event photography at the launch party in 2019.

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