'Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.'

For a school project I created a fictional rebranding & a 360 media campaign for the dutch brand 'Van Wijngaardens'. The brand sells a wide range of sauces, and the rebrand is created to show the brands effort and interest in sustainability & global health.

For the 360 media campaign I did a extensive research for a couple of weeks. The research includes: their mission/vision/brand value's, USP & ESP, Positioning / competitors, sustainability efforts, their marketing / visual communication, swot-analysis & global trend research in their branche. The research is the base of the concept that I created.


The concept is created to attract a new target audience and to align the brands visual marketing with its vision, mission & brand value's.

Photos for the media campaign

Stickers & Merchandise

Posters for the campaign

Instagram + Coupon voucher + Posters

Campaign video


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