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Maja Elders











Naked truth




Deep dive, nature, feminine, surrender, expression.


 Hi !

I’m MAJA ELDERS, an artist and spiritual guide based in Amsterdam. I work as an allround creative, specialized in visual storytelling through photography, illustration, and poetry.


With my art I give a voice to the UNTAMED, UNSEEN and WILD parts of ourselves that we often keep hidden.


I believe in the healing power of RADICAL HONESTY.

To say what you’re afraid to say. To speak your mind even if your voice trembles. To write that which you’re afraid to write. To EXPRESS all that you’ve kept hidden inside. To EMBRACE and show the world all that you are, your darkness and your light.


Ultimately, I wish for you to live with your heart wide open and your fire burning.

So, all the untamed and wild souls out there, that dare to dream of other worlds:


May we run with the wolves, dance with the waves, grow like the flowers, float among the clouds, shine like the sun, howl at the moon. May we be wild, free and untamed. May we rebel for everything that our hearts hold dear. May we roam, may we dance, and may we bring to expression, our authentic soul, our true selves.


Let’s get ready to light a fire in all the hearts that we cross on our path.

With love,



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