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At the heart of my work is the belief that photography is a collaborative art form. Together, we can create visual narratives that resonate, inspire, and ignite emotions. Each photo carries a unique story, and I am thrilled to help you tell yours.

Brand Identity / Product / Soul Portrait / Insert your own creative idea

‘‘ But darling, we weren’t given this Wild Soul just to merely exist.

Our mission is to shake up the world, turn it upside down

and show our fellow human the difference between

breathing and being fully alive. ’’

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" I had such an amazing time doing the photoshoot with Maja. I personally have a very high standard when it comes to beauty. For me beauty is a certain frequency. An alignment. And Maja works exactly in this magical realm, where she makes the beauty palpable through image. I am highly recommending her and I am definitely going back for more! "
- Mattanja Lennings
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