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The Meeting of Souls

Souls don’t meet by accident.. It all started with a dream, two souls that were destined to connect. An otherworldly love story, energy strong like fire, a captivating desire. Their eyes interlocked, there was a silence.. where all distant and impossible suddenly became near, possible and inevitable. A glimpse of infinity. A love beyond their wildest dreams.

Concept & Art Direction: Maja Elders

Photography: Maja Elders

Video: Fee van der Wal

Models: Donna-jo Aarts & Levi Manner

you and I, our souls, were destined to connect.

‘‘ When we are asleep in this world, we are awake in another. - Salvador Dali ’’

There is much to be said on falling in love,

and little on living in love,
resting in love,
being in love,

The falling seems more poetic,


But those who have lived in love may know,

the true poetry is found in the living.

in the being.
in knowing the falling is temporary,

but the staying, and the choosing


is always. infinite.

and maybe,
that is all the poetry we will ever need.

- Melissa Anderson

The Meeting of Souls
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