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FEMME FATALE enhances the female self-image and restores the full power of the feminine. Often, femininity is not fully seen or embraced; its dark aspects are suppressed, hiding significant power. This book explores six empowering archetypes through storytelling, photography, illustration, and poetry. These archetypes help break through limiting patterns and taboos, reclaim the darkness and tell an empowering story about femininity.


Guiding you on a journey where your greatest potential and darkest shadow meet, FEMME FATALE calls you to reclaim your power, honor both darkness and light within, and weave forgotten wisdom back into our collective consciousness. Through themes like sexuality, communication, menstruation, spirituality, inner beauty, and autonomy, it helps you break free from limiting beliefs and embrace your full, authentic self.


Are you ready to walk on the dark side and rise to the powerful being you were always meant to be?


Let’s explore the darkness, for it is in embracing your darkness that you’ll find your truest light.

Femme Fatale

€ 33,33Prijs

English | Paperback | Softcover | First edition | July 2024 | 92 pages | Author: Maja Elders | width: 210 mm height: 297 mm | Storytelling, Photography, Poetry & Illustration

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